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How to Make Histogram in Excel – Easy Tips

If you work in the business world, you might be familiar with histogram. This column chart is often used by professionals in a business presentation. But, what is histogram actually? And how to make histogram in Excel?

Histogram – What Is It?

A histogram is actually a data analysis tool. This is a common tool used in the business world. The tool comes with a form of a column that displays a variable’s frequency occurrence in the specified range. The tool also functions to organize a group of data points into the ranges of specified-users. A data series will be condensed by a histogram that can be visually interpreted in much easier ways. It is done by taking a lot of data points. The histogram will then group the data points into bins or logical ranges. Generally, there are different common ways that people can do to create a histogram in Excel. They are an in-built histogram chart option for Excel 2016 and Data Analysis Toolpack for Excel 2013 or the prior versions.

Make a Histogram in Excel 2016

So, how to make a histogram in Excel 2016? And how to make a line graph in Excel? If you are currently using Microsoft Excel 2016, there are some steps that you have to complete if you want to create a histogram by using the tool. The program comes with a new addition in the chart selection. This is where the histogram chart functions as an in-built chart for the program. Here are the steps.

  1. The first step you have to do is selecting the entire dataset you are going to present.

  2. Then, you need to click the Insert tab.

  3. After that, you can press on the “Insert Static Chart” option which is located in the Charts group.

  4. Then, you need to click on the Histogram chart icon which is located in the Histogram group.

The above steps on how to make a histogram in Excel will make it possible for you to insert a histogram chart which is based on the data set you have collected before. Once you have completed the steps, you will be able to customize the chart simply by right-clicking the vertical axis. Then you can select Format Axis to continue. This action will allow you to open a pane which is located on the right panel. This contains all the relevant options you need to make the histogram. To customize the histogram chart, there are some things that you will need include by category, automatic, bin width, number of bins, overflow bin, and underflow bin.

How to Run a Regression in Excel – Everything You Need to Know

Talking about Microsoft Excel, it can’t be denied that people can take a lot of benefits from this handy tool and running a regression through the program is just one of them. This is a tool which obtained by the Data Analysis add-in. So, how to run a regression in Excel? And how to make a line graph in Excel? Just take a look at the following steps.

  1. Tell Excel What You Want

The first thing you should do is telling Excel that you need to participate in the big leagues simply by pressing the Data Analysis command button. It can be found on the Data tab.

  1. Select the Regression Tools Provided

Then, you need to choose the Regression tool that can be taken from the Analysis Tools list once the Microsoft Excel shows the Data Analysis dialog box. Then you can click OK and you can start the regression tool.

  1. Identify the X and Y Values

If you have selected between the regression tools, now it comes the time to identify your X and Y values. You can use the input Y range text box to help you identify the range of worksheet that contains the dependent variables. After that, you can move to use the input X range text boy which functions to identify the reference range of worksheet that contains the independent variables. You need to keep in mind that the input ranges should be placed in a single column of values. In addition, you can select the Label check box if you want your input ranges that contain a table.

  1. Set the Constant to Zero

This is optional. But, you have to keep in mind that if your regression line starts at zero, then you need to choose the Constant Is Zero check box.

  1. Choose a Location for the Analysis Results of the Regression

The next step on how to run a regression in Excel is selecting the location. To do this, you need to use the Output Options radio buttons as well as text boxes. This is aimed to help Excel to specify the place for the analysis results of the regression. For example, if you want to put the regression results to a different place, then you can choose another option in the radio button.

  1. Identify the Data You Wish to Return

The last step on how to run a regression in Excel is by identifying the data that you intend to return. To do this, you have to choose from the Residuals check box. It will help you to identify the results of residuals that you want to return as the part of regression analysis results. Then, click OK.

How to Print Envelopes from Excel – Best Tips to Know

Microsoft Excel is a handy tool and it can be used to help you do various things in more practical ways. You can also find it very easy to complete the steps on how to make a line graph in Excel. Either it is creating standard deviation, adding error bars, or making envelopes, this tool can do all for you. If your job requires you to do a lot of conventional mailing, you might need to create custom envelopes that meet your company’s need and Excel will help you to complete your tasks. Here are some useful tips on how to print envelopes from Excel.

Printing Envelopes from Excel

Printing envelopes from Excel will need you to complete several steps. Take a look at the following tips on how to print envelopes from Excel.

  1. Make a Table

The very first step on how to print envelopes from Excel is creating a table which can be taken from the list of address. You can select a cell from a range which contains the addresses like cell B2. Then, you need to go on the Insert tab and then click it on. Make sure that the items contained in the range of cells are correct before you click OK. Each column of the cells will offer you options for filtering and selecting to allow you to design your envelope.

  1. Determine the Name of the Table

Once you have finished with the first step, then you will need to identify the name for your table. The name will automatically update when the table is edited once it is successfully defined. First, you need to press “Define Name” command which can be found on the Formula tab. Then, you have to type the name Addresses as well as their range of cells in the New Name dialogue. After that, you can click on Ok and start naming the table.

  1. Verifying Addresses

The next thing you should do is verifying addresses by adding a new column to the Table. All you need to do is going to cell H2 and type 2008. The name and the table will automatically expand soon after that.

  1. Sorting List

You can do it by clicking the dropdown in the 2008 column and click on sort A to Z command. What you need to sort include separating tables, start the mail merge, and add the Address block as well as preview envelopes.

  1. Print the Envelopes

Last but not least is printing the envelopes. Make sure that you have copied the entire table, clear the cells’ contents, and leave the table headers. Then, just copy the addresses sheet just under the headers in the “ReadytoPrint” sheet. Then click print and your envelopes are ready.

How to Calculate Standard Error in Excel – A Beginner’s Guide

One of the most critical elements in the statistic parameter is the standard error. Being popular with another name, standard deviation, this statistic parameter can be very difficult for some people. However, this tool is actually very handy once you know how to use it. So, how to calculate standard error in Excel easily? And how to make a line graph in Excel?

Varieties of Standard Error

Before learning on how to calculate standard error in Excel, it will be better to know the main varieties used in the standard error. Generally, there are two main varieties often applied in the standard deviation, they are a standard error for a sample and standard for a population. The two main varieties are included in the Excel.

  1. Standard Error for A Sample

The standard deviation for a sample will make it possible for you to calculate for your chart. It has a specific function to represent the standard deviation taken from the mean that will be used for a selected sample of data. This tool will allow you to calculate and determine how much a specific data subset deviates from the main value. For example, when you create a chart that shows the salaries of all workers in a company, then you will only want the data on the wages in the IT sector. In this way, you will see the standard error for a sample.

  1. Standard Deviation

This standard error functions to help you calculate a population that indicates the average deviation for all data shown in the table. In this standard error, the STDEV.P function will be used to calculate the deviation of all workers.

How to Calculate Standard Deviation in Excel?

If you are wondering about how to calculate standard error in Excel, there are some common methods that you can use. But, this following method is considered to be the simplest one and it can be used to calculate both standard deviations for a population and a sample.

  1. Open on an Excel table.

  2. Tap on the cell where you want to display the standard deviation value.

  3. Type “=STDEV.S (C4: C7)” or “STDEV.P (C2: C11)”. The values shown in the brackets function to denote the cell range where you want to calculate the value of the standard error.

  4. Click “Enter”.

  5. Press on the “Home” tab if you intend to round the result of the calculation to two decimals.

  6. Press the arrow located next to “General” to allow you to open the dropdown menu.

  7. Select the “Number” option.

How to Add Bars in Excel – Simple Tips to Follow

If you have to work a lot with Excel to create graphics for a presentation, you might have known that error bars are needed sometimes. However, creating bars can be very difficult for some people. Here are simple tips to help you on how to add error bars in Excel.

Error Bars – What Are They?

Error bars in Excel are actually data variability in the form of graphical representations. The bars are used to allow you to show the measurement precision. Most of the time, they represent both the standard error and standard deviation. The error bars also often indicate how far the true value from the determined value. In addition, they also provide data set with a more comprehensive view. In this way, you will be able to see both the errors and margins shown in the data.

How to Add the Error Bars?

How to make a line graph in Excel? With Microsoft Excel, you will be able to add error bars to various chart types such as scatter charts, bar charts, and line charts. So, how to add error bars in Excel? Well, there are some steps that you have to complete to put error bars in your Excel.

  1. The first thing you should do is click on your chart.

  2. After that, you need to click the Chart Elements.

  3. Once finished with the Chart Elements (plus sign), you can check the box Error Bars. You need to click the arrow located next to the bars after that. It will show you a list of items that you can select and add to the chart you make.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how to add error bars in Excel and modify the default, you can do these following steps.

  1. You can click More Options shown in the Error Bars.

  2. Then you will see the Format Error Bars menu show up to allow you to modify the error bar’s styles.

What You Can Add to Your Chart

There are some error bars that you can add to the chart you create, here they are:

  • Standard Deviation

This is an error bar which is used to help you display a standard display that can be applied for all values.

  • Percentage

This is the most common type of error bar that you can add in your Excel. The bar is used to help you determine the error range of a percentage as well as the error amount found in each value.

  • Standard Error

The standard error is commonly used to allow the users to indicate the standard error for each value shown in the dataset.

How to Recover Deleted Emails Gmail – Easy Ways to Get Your Messages Back

Have you ever deleted the messages in your Gmail accidentally? Well, it must be very annoying especially if the emails are important ones. You might want to create more spaces in your emails, but instead of erasing spam, old emails, or junks, but you accidentally deleted the important messages. But, don’t panic since there are some simple ways to help you get the messages back.

Recovering Deleted Emails

So, how to recover deleted emails Gmail? Just take a look at these following steps.

  1. Deleted Emails in Gmail Recovery from Trash Folder

Once you accidentally delete your email, the messages can actually be found in the trash folder. The messages will not go too far and they can still be recovered easily. Thanks to today’s technology applied by Gmail. The service provider knows well that one of the biggest issues people often face with the emails is deleting messages accidentally. In this way, there is a two-layer deletion process implemented to help the users recover their deleted messages easily. The technology will make it possible for Google’s servers to keep the deleted emails from the inbox. So, if you lose your messages in your email accidentally, it will be better if you go to the trash folder directly. With a clear note that you haven’t cleared the trash folder yet. But, what if you can’t exactly remember the subject of the message? Well, if it is the case and you can’t remember any information related to the messages either such as the recipient, you can easily browse the folder entirely. So, what you should fo when you have found the email in the trash folder? You can click on the folder icon located just below the search bar to help you get the messages back to your inbox. You can also create file them away in a new folder. But, if you want to live the messages back to their previous location, you can click the “x” which is located next to the trash icon. However, you might need to do a deeper search if the messages you are looking for have been deleted permanently from the trash folder. The searching process will also be a little bit more difficult if the messages have been removed from the inbox for more than 30 days.

  1. If the Messages Have Been Emptied from the Trash Folder

What if the messages have been deleted from the trash folder? So, how to recover deleted emails Gmail if the trash folder has been emptied? If this is the case, you need to send a request to the Email Support Team. You ask the system to recover the messages that have been deleted from your Gmail account. However, this way is not always successful. The system has been improved by Gmail to make it possible for you to get a better chance to have your emails back. You will be required to go to Gmail’s web page for missing email so that you can submit an inquiry. The next thing you should do is filling out the form contains important details such as a short description of the problem and the emails from addressed used for the deleted emails. Once you complete the requirement, you can click on the submit button. However, there is no guarantee that your emails can be recovered by using this way. The longer you wait for the recovery emails, the less opportunity they will be recovered.

  1. Can’t Find the Trash Folder

In some cases, recovering deleted emails sounds impossible since the trash folder can’t be found. This is because the trash folder is hidden so that you can’t see it. If you can’t find the trash folder, you can try to open “Settings” on the cog icon which is located just above the messages. Then, you need to tap on this icon and go to the Labels tab in settings after that. Make sure that you scroll down the settings and then stop on the Trash labels. For the next step, you can click on the show button to view the trash folder. Once you can see the folder, you will be able to start the recovery process of the deleted messages in your Gmail.

How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail

There are many things you can do with your Gmail Account since it has a lot of interesting features. You can find easy ways on how to embed GIF in Gmail so that you can send email in more interesting ways with your account. If you want to have more contacts in your account, the feature will also show you on how to send a meeting invite in Gmail. There are 2 most common ways to help you sync iPhone contacts to Gmail. They are transferring directly the contacts to your Gmail or use the 3rd-Party Software. If you want to use software from a third-party, there are some steps that you can do.

  • Step 1

You can download the software and install it on your device. The next thing you should do is connecting the smartphone to your PC. After that, you can select Transfer that is shown in the main interface. In this way, you will be able to sync the contacts in the iPhone to your Gmail account.

  • Step 2

Click “Information” found above the panel to help you view all the contacts available in the program.

  • Step 3

After that, you can choose to the contacts and then tap “Export” on the top of the Windows. Scroll down the list and then go to Export > to vCArd File. There will be a pop-up window appears on your computer screen. You can use it to help you browse the destination folder. In this way, you can use the folder to help you store the contacts that you have been selected on your computer for Gmail strikethrough.

  • Step 4

You can log into Gmail by using your account and then tap Gmail > Contacts. Go to the Gmail contact page after that and click Import contacts.

When iTunes Could not Connect to This iPhone – What Should You Do?

Despite the popularity of the iPhone this time as one of the smartest devices you can find in the market, there are some issues that come with it. Many customers report that they often get difficulties to connect iTunes to the device. Fortunately, this is something that you can’t fix. If you find that iTunes could not connect to this iPhone, just take a look at the following tips to help you fix the problem.

How Can You Fix It?

There are several ways that you can do to fix the iTunes that can’t be connected to the iPhone. However, you do not need to try them all. Just pick up the one that you think will work best for your device.

  1. Updating the iPhone to the Latest Version of IOS

One of the reasons that iTunes could not connect to this iPhone is because of the old version of IOS. In this way, you need to update your device the latest version.

  • First, open your iPhone simply by tapping on settings > general > software > update.

  • After that, you need to download the latest version of the IOS and then install it.

  • Next, enter your passcode and then tap “Agree”. Make sure to tap on it after that.

  • Once you tapping the “Agree”, your iPhone will automatically download the latest of IOS soon.

  • Then, you can connect the iTunes to your device again.

  1. Updating Your iTunes Application

The next simple thing you can do to connect iTunes to iPhone is by updating the application. This can also be caused by the old version of IOS. To fix the problem, you need to do these following tips.

  • Install iTunes and then run it on your smartphone.

  • Then, click Help > Check for Updates.

  • If you find the later version of the application on the internet, then, you need to download it first. You can install the iTunes application by the on-screen prompts. However, if there is the latest version of iPhone’s application on your device and the error occurs, you can uninstall the application first. After that, you can manage to reinstall it again on your device.

  • Make sure that you connect the application to your smartphone one more time just to see it works or not.

  1. Updating the Driver of Your iPhone

“Why my iPhone keeps turning on and off?” It might be one of the most common questions you have related to your iPhone. Along with the difficulty to connect iTunes to iPhone, the on-off device is another problem that most iPhone users have to face. Well, they might be caused by your iPhone’s old driver. This causes failure anytime you want to connect between the iPhone and iTunes on the Windows. To solve the problem, you need to update the version of your driver. Updating the driver by using “Driver Easy” will be the simplest way if you want to save your time. The application will recognize your system automatically and help you to find the rightest iPhone driver for it. This is very practical since you do not need to make a mistake or put your device risks while installing the iTunes application. So, here are what you need to do.

  • Download the Driver Easy and then install it on your device.

  • After the application is successfully installed, you can click the “Scan Now” button. The application will scan your computer automatically in a relatively short period of time. It will also detect if there is any problem found on the driver.

  • Next, make sure that you click the “Update” button which is located beside the flagged iPhone driver. Your device will download the application automatically and then install the correct version of the driver.

  1. Reset the Network Settings of Your iPhone.

Incorrect setting of the network is another factor why you could not connect iTunes to your iPhone. The resetting process is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes. All you need to di is by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. After that check your device to find it successful or not.

  1. Try a Different USB Port or USB Cable

When you can’t connect between iTunes and your iPhone, it might be because of the problem found in the USP port or cable of your device. This is also a useful tip if you get difficulty on how to put music on iPhone. In this way, this will be very helpful if you try a more compatible USB cable to help you connect the iTunes with your smartphone. Make a little research first on the internet to help you find the rightest USB cable that will be suitable the most with your iPhone. Another useful tip to help you is by using a different USB port. There will be no application you need to download or install.

  1. Reboot Your Computer Device and Your iPhone

You need to be sure that a simple restart process will always be useful to help you repair a lot of software woes. Not only useful to allow you connect between your iPhone and iTunes but this tip might also be helpful if you find that your iPhone 6 not turning on as it should be. If you have done all the solutions mentioned above unsuccessfully, you might need to try to reboot your computer device as well as your iPhone. After that, make sure that you connect the iTune to your iPhone again to check if it works successfully. The reboot process is very simple and it can be completed just within minutes too.

  1. Make Sure that Your Device Isn’t Locked

It might sound ridiculous but people often get difficulty in connecting the iTunes application to iPhone because of this unnecessary mistake, forget to unlock the device before connecting the two. This is something that you also need to check first when you get confused on how to disable the iPhone correctly. So, you do not need to look further when iTunes can’t be connected to your iPhone. Who knows that you haven’t unlocked the device when you start the connection process.

How to Make Logo in Photoshop for Beginners

Do you happen to want to make a logo and you are looking for how to make logo in Photoshop? If you do, then you have come to the right place. As you all know, Photoshop is used by almost all of the people across the world to make logos. Not only logos but if you want to know how to make a business card in Photoshop, then Photoshop is your answer. If you have not noticed, logos are not just logos. They are the core of your business or project. The first thing which you have to do when you build your business or a project is by designing a logo. The logo will be able to tell your client what is your business, what is the meaning of the brand, and what is the story behind the brand.

Making a Logo Using a Photoshop

Now, after you know the importance of a logo, it is time for you to learn how to make one. If you are a beginner, do not worry. These steps are meant for a beginner.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is creating a new document. Once you open Photoshop, you can go to File and then click New or press CTRL+N in Photoshop. After that, you need to set the suitable width and height for the logo design. Usually, people use a large canvas to work on the logo which is around 1000px width and 600px height. However, you can change the size of the canvas according to your taste.

Step 2

The second thing which you need to do is by creating the basic shape. In order to create a good effect, you need to make the letter with two overlapping shapes. To do this step, you will have to use the Pen tool. You can find the Pen tool icon on the toolbox on the left side. Then, you need to create a new layer and name it Shape 1. Then, click the Pen tool and select “Shape” which is in the tool properties at the top. Do not forget to choose a color for the fill. Then, for the second shape, you can simply duplicate the Shape 1 layer and then flip it horizontally. Select the Shape 1 layer and then right click on it and select duplicate layer. Then, name the new layer Shape 2. Then, select the Shape 2 layer, go to Edit, select Transform Path and click Flip Horizontally.

Step 3

The next step which you can do on how to make logo in photoshop is changing the color. These steps will help you create an overlapping “Origami” effect. That is why you need to change one of the shape layers’ color into a slightly darker color. You can start by double-clicking the Shape 2 layer and then the color selection panel will pop up. Then, you can select a color which is slightly darker than the color that you choose in Step 2. Then, drag the Shape 1 layer on top of the Shape 2 layer so that the Shape 2 layer will appear to be behind the Shape 1 layer.

Step 4

The next step which you need to do is by creating a shadow. To do this, you need to duplicate the Shape 1 layer and name it as Shadow Layer. Then, change the color of this layer into a black color. Then, go to the Filter, select Blur, and then choose the Gaussian Blur option. Next, choose a radius of 2.75 pixels. After that, drag the Shadow Layer underneath the Shape 1 layer. Lastly, right-click the Shadow Layer and select “Create Clipping Mask” option.

Step 5

The next step is adding a text. For this step, you might want to download other fonts because the font selection in Photoshop is not that great. After you download the font and install it, go to the Type tool in the toolbox and then add your text. Then, place the text below the logo. You can add an effect by adding a drop of shadow to the text. Then, right-click the text layer and select Blending Options. If there is a pop-up window, choose the Drop Shadow option.

Step 6

The last step which you need to do is by adding a background gradient. You can start by clicking on the Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer option then choose Gradient. If there is a pop-up window, select Radial under Style and make sure to check the Reverse option. Next, double click on the gradient color and the gradient edit window will pop up. Then, set the color as you like. Lastly, drag the gradient layer below all the other layers and your logo is now complete.

Things You Need to Know Beside Adobe Photoshop

As we all know, Photoshop is established by Adobe. Yet, do you know that Adobe also launches Adobe Illustrator? If you want to know how to vectorize an image in Illustrator or how to trace an image in Illustrator, then this Adobe Illustrator is your answer. Now, we will show you how to trace an image with Adobe Illustrator. Before we continue, Adobe Illustrator has a Live Trace tool which can help you to change the bitmap image files into vector-based drawings. By changing the image into the vector image, you will be able to resize the image without losing the quality.

Step 1

Select the image by going to File, then select Place, and then click Select.

Step 2

Next, select the picture and go to the toolbar. Click on the Object and go to Live Trace and select Tracing Options.

Step 3

Then, choose the color mode. There are two options which you can use, that is Grayscale and Black and White. Then, set the Max Color into 6 and click Trace.

Step 4

Then, click on the image and then go to Object, then Expand, and then click on the Object and Fill options. Then, click OK and the image will be converted into a vector file.

Step 5

Lastly, click the vectored image and go to Object in the toolbar and select Ungroup.

Those are the short explanation of Photoshop and how to make logo in photoshop. Good luck!

How to Recover Your Unsaved Word Document

Are you having trouble such as accidentally closing your file before saving it and you want to know how to recover unsaved word document? If you do and you also wondering how to make a booklet in word or how to insert signature in word, then you have come to the right place. When you work with Microsoft Word, there will be moments where you accidentally forget to save your work and close the application. However, do not worry. Microsoft Office has an amazing built-in feature where it can recover unsaved new documents. If you want to know the details, then, keep on reading this article.

Steps on How to Recover Your Unsaved Work

There are four steps on how to recover your unsaved work. The first one is that you need to open Microsoft Office Word application that you use. In here, we are going to use Microsoft Office Word 2010. Then, after that, you need to click the File tab. After that, click Recent. Then, click Recover Unsaved Documents. Next, your saved drafts will open in a new window. Select the file and click Open. Lastly, you can click Save As to save your file to your computer.

There is also another way on how to recover your unsaved works. First, you need to open Microsoft Office Word 2010. Then, open a new file or other existing files. After that, click the File tab. Next, click Info. Next, click Manage Versions. Then, click Recover Unsaved Documents. Then, you will see that there is a list of your unsaved works. Select the work and click Open. Lastly, click Save As to save your file to your computer.

How to Enable AutoRecover

Now, if you have not yet enabled the AutoRecover, then here are the steps. First, you need to click the File tab. Then, select Under Help and click Options. Next, click Save. You need to make sure that you select the AutoRecover information every x minutes check box. You also need to make sure that the Keep the Last AutoSaved version is selected in case you accidentally close the file again.

Spell Checking in Microsoft Word

Besides wondering how to recover unsaved word document, there will be moments when you are also wondering about why the spell check not working in word. If this is happening, you do not need to worry. Just take a deep breath and follow these steps.

  • First, you need to make sure the language that you want is enabled by checking it on the Set the Office Language Preferences dialog box.
  • Second, you need to make sure that the correct language is applied to the text.
  • Third, you also need to make sure that the correct language dictionary is being used by checking it on the Set Proofing Language option.
  • Fourth, make sure that the Detect language automatically check box is selected.
  • Fifth, you need to make sure that the Automatically switch keyboard to match the language of surrounding text check box is selected by going to the Advanced and Editing Options.
  • Sixth, you also need to make sure that the Do Not Check Spelling and Grammar Check dialog box is clear.
  • Lastly, you need to make sure that the misspelled word has not been inadvertently added to the custom dictionary.

Things You Need to Know When You Want to Print with HP Printer

After you are working with your files, you will surely be going to print those files, right? If you have an HP printer and you are wondering why does my hp printer keep going offline and how to check ink levels on hp printer windows 10 because you have trouble such as HP printer not printing black, do not worry. Checking the ink level periodically is suggested so that you can buy the ink in advances and you might want to use the ink wisely because if you are not, then you will question yourself why is printer ink so expensive. To check HP Printer ink levels, you can use two ways. The first one is by using HP Printer Assitant which is usually installed when you install the driver. The second one is by using the HP Printer app which can be used when you connect your HP Printer to the Windows 10 PC.

Working on YouTube

Aside from Microsoft Word, YouTube is the next platform which is commonly used nowadays. With YouTube, you can enjoy seeing your favorite videos, music, history, sports, trending topics, TV shows, gaming, and many more. Because of this, there are many people who are wondering how to download YouTube video without software. They want to watch their favorite videos without having to connect with the internet so they can watch them anywhere and anytime. Here are the steps; Firstly, you need to open YouTube website. Then, explore the video that you want to download. Next, you need to remove “https://www.” and replace it with “ss”. Then, press Enter and you will be redirected to another website. Lastly, select the quality of video and the video will automatically start downloading.

Not only that but if you also wonder how to watch private YouTube videos, then YouTube can manage that. As a huge platform, YouTube can also allow you to upload your videos. Nowadays, they are called vloggers. If you want to be a vlogger, then you need to know how to add subtitles to YouTube and how to view thumbnails on YouTube.

Make Money with Facebook

Aside from YouTube, you can also make your own money with Facebook. If you are wondering how to access Facebook marketplace on desktop or how to make money posting ads on Facebook, then keep on reading. You can start by entering the marketplace by clicking on the shop icon. Next, you can add a photo of your product. Then, you can add the name of your product. Next, you can add a description of your product. Next, you can set the price of your product. Lastly, you can add the location and category to make it easier for people to see your product. If you want to open a shop on Facebook and wondering how to disconnect Instagram from Facebook or how to get verified on Facebook or how to schedule a post on Facebook or how to post a job on Facebook, then you need to search how to add an admin to a Facebook page to take care of your shop.

Those are the short explanation of Microsoft Office Word about how to recover unsaved word document. Good luck!