How to Print Envelopes from Excel – Best Tips to Know

Microsoft Excel is a handy tool and it can be used to help you do various things in more practical ways. You can also find it very easy to complete the steps on how to make a line graph in Excel. Either it is creating standard deviation, adding error bars, or making envelopes, this tool can do all for you. If your job requires you to do a lot of conventional mailing, you might need to create custom envelopes that meet your company’s need and Excel will help you to complete your tasks. Here are some useful tips on how to print envelopes from Excel.

Printing Envelopes from Excel

Printing envelopes from Excel will need you to complete several steps. Take a look at the following tips on how to print envelopes from Excel.

  1. Make a Table

The very first step on how to print envelopes from Excel is creating a table which can be taken from the list of address. You can select a cell from a range which contains the addresses like cell B2. Then, you need to go on the Insert tab and then click it on. Make sure that the items contained in the range of cells are correct before you click OK. Each column of the cells will offer you options for filtering and selecting to allow you to design your envelope.

  1. Determine the Name of the Table

Once you have finished with the first step, then you will need to identify the name for your table. The name will automatically update when the table is edited once it is successfully defined. First, you need to press “Define Name” command which can be found on the Formula tab. Then, you have to type the name Addresses as well as their range of cells in the New Name dialogue. After that, you can click on Ok and start naming the table.

  1. Verifying Addresses

The next thing you should do is verifying addresses by adding a new column to the Table. All you need to do is going to cell H2 and type 2008. The name and the table will automatically expand soon after that.

  1. Sorting List

You can do it by clicking the dropdown in the 2008 column and click on sort A to Z command. What you need to sort include separating tables, start the mail merge, and add the Address block as well as preview envelopes.

  1. Print the Envelopes

Last but not least is printing the envelopes. Make sure that you have copied the entire table, clear the cells’ contents, and leave the table headers. Then, just copy the addresses sheet just under the headers in the “ReadytoPrint” sheet. Then click print and your envelopes are ready.

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